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What Our Clients Have to Say

The professionals at CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc., Team Montani Branch, have worked hard to become the respected mortgage consultants that thousands of homeowners trust. Our experience and personal touch will guide you through one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

View what CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.’s clients have to say below:

“Team Montani has been working with my clients for many years. They have always proven themselves as professionals, and I feel comfortable knowing they are just a phone call away. They have come through on every occasion and are backed by an efficient staff” – Mary B., Realtor

“After my divorce, they helped me through getting my new place. I feel comfortable and relaxed working with them because they’re so knowledgeable. Their style is such that I find it easy to talk to them – they care about what they are doing. Early on, I talked to other mortgage people, and I realized that Team Montani asked many more questions and delivered much more helpful information. Why change a good thing?” – Kathleen H., Executive Secretary

“This loan is my third working with the team – a mortgage, then two refinances. I’ve referred at least half a dozen co-workers and friends to them, and that says a lot. I think the world of Team Montani – their advice and insight are excellent. At our last closing, even our attorney complemented them, saying he had never dealt with a more professional, organized staff and wanted to refer his other clients to Team Montani as well.” – Paul H., Treasury Manager

“Team Montani is wonderful – completely and totally professional. Once you turn the ball over to them things are taken care of. I had to do absolutely nothing – they took care of it all…even the photocopies! If they say they’ll get something done, it gets done.” – Karen W., Office Manager

“I’m in the customer service business, so I deal with people all the time. All members of Team Montani have terrific people skills. They take a personal interest and never rush you through anything. The team is extremely professional and knowledgeable – they know the answer, or know where to find it, and are always prompt in getting back to you. Team Montani members are also great at keeping their customers informed – you always know from day to day the exact status of your loan, and what to expect next.” – Debbie D., Claims Manager

“I’m a real estate investor, and I worked with Team Montani to buy an investment property. They came up with an idea that saved me a substantial amount of money. Being in business myself, I always shop around. I liked their personality – they’re straightforward, very no-nonsense attitude. I didn’t have time to jump through hoops, and they kept the paperwork to a minimum.” – Garrett H., Electrical Contractor

“We were referred to Team Montani by my in-laws, who have worked with them for years. I was so impressed by them I knew there was no need to shop around. So many people talk about what a nightmare their mortgage was, not us! They’re more like financial advisors, helping you do or afford things you never dreamed were possible.” – Paula M., Marketing Consultant